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My Armenian Grandma Says

New book out now!

This is an illustrated collection of the witty, profound, and loving thoughts of a quirky and kind Armenian grandma, exploring themes of immigrant culture and aging with dignity. It was created to encourage dialogue about intersectional identity and intergenerational truths.

Sh!t My Armenian Grandma Says_edited.jpg

About Kind Narrators

Kind Narrators was created to amplify the stories of immigrants, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ folx in a way that invites reflection & healing. It was founded by Marina Terteryan, an immigrant Armenian-American writer, community leader, and entrepreneur. She writes and curates creative nonfiction and poetry to inspire empathy and empowerment for American intersectional experiences. This platform will be used to host writing, media, and art by historically excluded voices.

We are never alone in this space between identities.

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